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Any NDSU faculty member or PhD research staff member may request a CCAST Project with themselves as PI. Projects may include members who are students and/or collaborators from other institutions, though those without an NDSU ID will require a separate registration step (see URL). Each CCAST project must however, have a PI who is an NDSU faculty member or PhD research staff member.

Each PI may have one (1) CCAST Project free of charge. Additonal CCAST Projects are available to PIs at an additional fee (see table below for charges).

CCAST Project Definition:

Each CCAST Project is assigned the following resources and abilities:

  • A CCAST group created with membership under the PI's control for purposes of sharing Project resources
  • 1 TB of Project storage on the CCAST GPFS parallel file system to be shared among Project members
  • Access to the GPFS SCRATCH parallel file system for shared temporary data storage among all CCAST users/projects.
  • The ability to request software module installation at the CCAST system level.
  • Consulting time with CCAST staff.
  • Regular usage reports summarizing CCAST resource utilization by the Project (work in progress)
  • The ability to submit jobs to the Open Science Grid ( currently only supported through OSG Connect) 
  • Access to the CCAST Data Transfer Nodes (DTNs) for file transfer services

CCAST Service Fees:

(Services current as of 1 January 2019. Fees being determined and subject to change.)

CCAST ServiceBaseline Usage (included free with CCAST Project)Additional NDSU Usage FeeAdditional External Usage Fee
Batch Access to ThunderFairshare access to public queues$TBD per condo unit$2TBD per condo unit
Home space on CCAST clusters200 GB backed up storage$YYY/TB/year$2YYY/TB/year
Project space on CCAST clusters 1 TB backed up storage$YYY/TB/year$2YYY/TB/year
SCRATCH space on CCAST clustersFairshare access with a 60 day retention period$YYY/TB/month$2YYY/TB/month
Software Module installationYYY modules/month with 2 year lease on module space$YYY/module/year$2YYY/module/year
CCAST Consulting Time (Staff)1 week/year for non-system issues (on best effort basis)$YYY/hr$2YYY/hr (1 day minimum)
CCAST Consulting Time (Student)TBD access (on best effort basis)$YYY/month ( 1 month minimum, YYY hr avg/month)$2YYY/month (3 month minimum, YYY hr avg/month)
Data Transfer outside NDSU.EDUFairshare access (on best effort basis)$YYY/TB$2YYY/TB

NB: All CCAST services are offered on a best effort basis with no response guarantee outside NDSU Normal Business Hours. Users who required a specific service level agreement (SLA) will be referred to CCAST partner organizations.

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CCAST Support
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Physical/delivery address:  1805 NDSU Research Park Drive/Fargo, ND 58102
Mailing address:  P.O. Box 6050—Dept. 4100/Fargo, ND 58108-6050
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