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CCAST provides multiple general access computing resources:

Thunder Cluster

(Current hardware description as of 1 May 2018)

The Thunder cluster consists of 105 compute nodes and 2 login nodes. The total aggregated theroretical peak performance is ~150TFLOPS. All these nodes are interconnected with FDR Infiniband at a 56Gbit/s transfer rate. The system details are shown below

  • Compute node: 
    • 58x Dual socket Intel Xeon 2670v2 "Ivy Bridge" (10 core per socket) 2.5GHz with 64GB DDR3 RAM at 1866MHz and
      • 14x of these nodes are equipped with Intel Phi (aka mic) accelarator cards with 60 x86 cores at 1.047GHz, 7.5GB of RAM.
    • 40x Dual socket Intel Xeon  "Broadwell" (22 core per socket) 2.5GHz with 128GB DDR4 RAM
    • 2x Large memory nodes 1TB RAM at 1600MHz, 4 sockets with 8 cores (Intel Xeon 4640 Sandy Bridge processrs) on each socket, 3.3 TB of local SSD scratch.
    • 2x Development nodes with Intel Ivy Bridge processors with Intel Phi cards and one Sandy Bridge node.
    • 1x Mellanox ConnectX3 FDR IB or Mellanox ConnectX5 EDR IB on all compute nodes.
  • Login Node: 2x Intel Ivy Bridge ES-2670 v2 (2 socket, 10 core per socket) 2.5GHz, 64GB DDR3 1866MHz memory, 2x 1TB SATA hard disks, 1 Mellanox ConnectX3 FDR IB, 1 dual 10GbE port.
  • Number of Compute node: 105
  • Number of Processor core: 3040
  • Number of Login node: 2
  • Storage System: 2 tier IBM GPFS filesystem with a policy driven HSM.
    • Tier 1 with 120x 10K SAS drives at about 4GB/s.
    • Tier 2 with 80x 7.2K SATA drives at about 2.6GB/s.
    • Tape storage: TS3584 L53 with 8x LTO6 Tape drive, 274x tape slot and TS3584 S54 with 1340x tape slots. Included are 258x LTO6 tape cartridge for 645TB, expandable up to 4PB.
  • Interconnection: FDR Infiniband at 56Gbit/s
  • Network Switch: Mellanox FDR IB switch


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