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CCAST Clusters down

Systems Status - Posted on Sep 09, 2013

In preparation for the installation of our new cluster we will be shutting down cluster2 and cluster3 to complete the necessary electrical upgrades. 

The scheduled maintenance window will start Monday - September 9th at 7:00am.  To drain all the jobs on the clusters prior to the outage, we will not be accepting new jobs after 6:00pm on Sunday - September 8th. It is important that jobs submitted prior to this do not overlap in the maintenance window since they will be terminated at 7:00am on Monday - September 9th.

The service for cluster3 should be restored by 5:00PM on Monday, September 9th.  Cluster3 has been returned to service.

The service for cluster2 will resume service at 5:00PM on Wednesday, September 11th. Cluster2 has been returned to service.