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Welcome to CCAST!

Welcome to the new website of the Center for Computationally Assisted Science and Technology (CCAST).   On these pages prospective, new, and existing users will find information regarding policies and procedures employed by CCAST in order to provide a premier user experience and optimize resource utilization.  Please feel free to browse the pages and learn about our newest hardware and software resources in the Resources section, read the Getting Started and FAQs chapters (designed for novice and experienced users alike) in the Users section, check the status of our resources in the Utilization section, and learn about CCAST sponsored events, new funding opportunities, and accomplishments of our researchers in the News/Events section.  Our new site contains large pools of additional information which will help you use CCAST computers and national resources such as XSEDE and OSG to accomplish your research and education goals.  Please do not hesitate to contact us directly with questions which have not been yet addressed on these pages as well as with valuable feedback which will help us to make this website even better.  You can find our contact information in the Our Staff link to the left.

We invite you to consider computation as a part of your research and education portfolio.  Never in the history of scientific and technological endeavors were opportunities for transformational insights and growth as abundant as they are today, propelled by the new generation of hardware, algorithms, and software for computer modeling, simulation, and exploratory data analysis.   We are here to help.

Happy computing!

Director and CCAST staff.

Student Focused. Land Grant. Research University.

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Physical/delivery address:  1805 NDSU Research Park Drive/Fargo, ND 58102
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Last Updated: Friday, July 28, 2017 8:31:08 AM
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